vinnie_puh (vinnie_puh) wrote,

Thanks a lot, AutoMapper!

Here goes the rant.

In his infinite wisdom, Jimmy boy Bogard(not be confused with an actor, who were normal) decided to rip out support for the IDataReader from AutoMapper package.
Imagine my pleasant surprise, when code, which works for years didn't produce expected results: list has been created, but all properties of all objects have been empty.
Dumb struck I stared on NullReferenceException thinking: "Has I experience recently blow to the head?"
Well, surely, that wasn't the case. Which leave only one conclusion: AutoMapper is not AutoMapping anymore. Now here is a kicker: Pretty please, with cream and surer on top, someone(hey Jimmy-boy!) explain me f-ing mystery!

Oh, oh. I know what you gonna say: there is AutoMapper.Data! Well, buddy, go ahead and use it. I dare you.
Now a moral to the story: there special place held in hell for those library API creators who put their fellow programmers on a spot and rips out functionality without any alternatives. That's ba-a-a-d design habit. If something enters public domain, it does not belongs to you exclusively anymore.
You must bear responsibility by managing at least such an expectation, as reliability of an API. 21st century and we going back to Wild West faster, then Wall Street bankers to hell!
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